Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I have another quit date

I will be quitting on 01/01/06. This is my last quit. Going back to smoking has not helped me lose the weight that I have gained so why bother smoking. It's making me sick and I hate it.

I was asked by's Terry Martin to be a guest blogger on their website starting in December. What could be a better incentive above the ones I already have. This will be my last quit because this one will be forever.

My blog on will begin on 12/15 and I will post the link here once I get started. In the meantime I'll continue to post here and try and cut down to get ready. A new Years resolution will be a good way to quit I think. I don't think I've made a New years resolution before. If this one works I'll never need to make another one. This one will be to save my life.